Olympus Microscopes

Olympus Microscopes

Olympus Microscopes


Olympus Microscopy - imaging systems for every application

Olympus is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of professional opto-digital products for medicine, science and industry. As a result, Olympus provides a comprehensive range of solutions. From microscopes for training and routine tasks to high-end system solutions in the fields of life science, there is a system for every need. The product line is complemented by innovative laboratory equipment for cellular research applications and the new all-in-one microscopes that offer user engagement at all levels. 

GT Vision can supply all models of Olympus microscopes together with accessories and parts.  If you need somethingspecific please ask for a quotation.

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Olympus CX23 40X-1000X An Exceptional Teaching, Biological, Binocular Microscope

Product no.: OLYMPUS CX23

£1,162.50 *
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Olympus CX23 Microscope + Digital USB Camera

Product no.: OLYMPUS CX23 + 0814

£1,258.33 *
Special Offer £1,384.17
You save £125.84
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Olympus CX41 40X-1000X Routine, Biological, Trinocular Microscope

Product no.: OLYMPUSCX41

£3,020.88 *
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Olympus BX43 40X-1000X Research, Biological, Trinocular Microscope

Product no.: OLYMPUSBX43

£6,133.71 *
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Olympus-BX63 40X-1000X Advanced Research, Biological, Trinocular Microscope

Product no.: OLYMPUSBX63

£24,415.33 *
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