Olympus CX41 40X-1000X Routine, Biological, Trinocular Microscope

Olympus CX41 40X-1000X Routine, Biological, Trinocular Microscope

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Trinocular microscope with 50:50 splitter with quintuple revolving nosepiece, mechanical stage (188x124mm) Dual specimen holder, built-in Abbe condenser, NA 1.25, aperture stop,  built-in halogen Koehler  illumination 6V 30W, stage focus lock mechanism , coarse &, fine focus, 10X Widefield eyepieces, C Plan Achromat  objectives: 4x, 10x, 40x, 100Xoil

This bestselling CX41 biological microscope sets the standard for its class in both basic and system performance. It provides high image clarity in a variety of observation methods, including bright field, phase contrast and fluorescence. This cost-efficient microscope is suitable for routine microscopy and has an ergonomic design for comfortable long-term use. The renowned UIS2 plan-corrected objectives result in outstanding flat images. Olympus digital cameras can be accommodated and combined with software packages to allow efficient documentation, analysis and reporting.

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Brand and ID Number Olympus Brand from GT Vision authorised, trained reseller and service centre ID: CX41
Eyepieces and Objectives Pair of 10X Widefield Eyepieces FN 20 Four Infinity Corrected C 4X, 10X,, 40X, 100X Oil, C Plan Achromatic Objectives
Head Trinocular FN20, 30°inclination, 48-75 mm interpupiliary adjustment. Fixed Light Split (Bi 50%, Photo 50%)
Stand & Focus Mechanism Stage height movement by roller guide (rack & pinion), Coarse adjustment stroke: 36.8 mm per turn, Total stroke: 25 mm, Pre-focusing knob provided, coarse adjustment knob tension adjustable
Stage and Condenser Stage: 188 (W) x 134 (D) mm. Movement range 76 (X-axis) x 50 (Y-axis) mm. Double specimen silde holder Condenser Type: Abbe condenser, with built-in daylight filter. N.A. 1.25 (when immersed with oil). Aperture iris diaphragm: Built in
Illumination Built-in transmitted Koehler illuminator. 6V30W halogen bulb. 100-120V/220-240Vg 0.85/0.45A 50/60Hz

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