UltraDIGI-SBE Series Unique Digital LCD Microscopes

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The ultraDIGI digital microscopes are simply the best digital microscopes that we have ever seen. The images are just as good as from microscopes costing ten times as much.

The ultraDIGI range of digital microscopes use patented ‘straight to camera sensor’ technology which produces stunningly good optical quality images. Most conventional microscopes need to use a range of optics to get the image from the microscope to the camera sensor- these can degrade the image quality. The ultraDIGI microscopes do not have these intermediate optics, so the image is focussed directly onto the camera’s sensor. This means that none of the optical data is lost and virtually all of it reaches the camera, leading to the excellent quality of the displayed images.

The ultraDIGI range offers:-

  • Wide field of view 1x and 2x objectives (options). The optics of the microscope have been specifically designed for these low power objectives, so there is no vignetting, which is often seen on conventional microscopes using these low power objectives
  • Transmitted and reflected illumination for all types of samples
  • The fluorescence illumination (only on some models) works with all objectives, even the low power ones, so is very useful for work on Zebrafish and similar samples.
  • Ease of use- all the features of the microscope can be controlled by the front control panel

The ultraDIGI range of digital microscopes are available exclusively from GT Vision.

GX Microscopes' UltraDIGI-SBE Series of Unique Digital LCD Microscopes.  

GX Microscopes AS Series Digital Microscopes by GT Vision Ltd

The UltraDIGI-SBE series of microscopes  include a built-in high quality camera, high definition multifunctional HD screen, up to 16MP image resolution and up to 1080p video recording.  

Also integrated multiple outputs via ETHERNET, HDMI, WIFI, USB (model dependant) to additional displays, interactive whiteboards, projectors and computers  

Uniquely equipped with magnifications of up to 1000X (to 2000X optional) and unique low power microscope level magnifications with a 1X objective. 

Integrated transmitted and reflected l illumination - EQUIVALENT TO 4 DIFFERENT MICROSCOPES IN ONE....and so much more.  

The ultimate educational and hobbyist microscope for the modern school, college, university and, of course, at home.  Easy and fun to use.


Models in the range:

Models in the range include:

  • Stylishly Integrated, and rotatable LCD 10.1 inch HD Screen
  • Built-in Digital Camera (resolutions 5MP to 16MP available)
  • Built-in 8G storage/Inserted U disk in top model
  • Multiple Outputs depending on model selected (HDMI, USB, WIFI, Ethernet)
  • Rugged, Modern Design, Small Footprint, Space Saving Stand
  • Carry Handle for Easy Handling
  • Built-in Illumination - top and transmitted so you can view 'lumpy, non-transparent' subjects such as insects and plants as well as slide and dish mounted specimens
  • Ultra-Safe Low Voltage (19V) Design
  • Easy front illumination controls, light, power source & battery indicators 
  • Extremely tidy hidden cabling
  • Scale and pointer overlays on the live image
  • 3 or 5 top quality Infinity Objectives depending on model
  • Coarse and Fine Focus Mechanism
  • Smooth Double Layer Mechanical XY Stage with Specimen Holder
  • Plug-In Condenser NA1.25
  • Easy Reach Controls
  • Fun and Easy-to-Use Screen Interface
  • Optional phase contrast and darkfield kits
  • Optional storage case
  • ​Optional Rechargeable Lithium Battery Pack for portable use 


Adjustable display


Multifunction control


Clear, simple controls

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