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C-Mount Camera Adapters for Olympus Microscopes

We provide camera adapters for most types of microscope to fit all makes of c-mount cameras.  Please ask us if you cannot see the type of adapter you need or if you are uncertain.  The type of c-mount adapter you choose will depend on the camera sensor size and the microscope make and model.  Some adapters are designed to fit the eyepiece tube of a microscope, others are designed to fit the photo-port/tube on a trinocular headed microscope.  We supply almost every conceivable type - it is easy to buy the wrong item please ask us and we will advise the best option for you.

C-Mount Adapters to Attach C-Mount Cameras to Olympus Microscopes 

In this section you will find our range of Microscope C-Mount Camera Adapters. 

What is 'C-Mount'?

  • A C mount is a type threaded mount commonly found on CCTV security cameras, machine vision cameras and, most importantly nearly all microscope cameras. C-mount adapters provide a male thread, which mates with a female thread on the camera.
  • The C-mount connection is described in the specification 1-32UN-2A. It is an imperial thread with a diameter of one inch and a pitch of 32 threads per inch. This means that it virtually corresponds to a metric thread M25.5 x 0.75 mm.
  • The back focal distance of a C-mount connector is 17.526 mm. This makes it exactly 5 mm longer than the back focal distance of the CS-mount connector. This means that a C-mount connector can be used on a camera with a CS-mount connector if a CS-mount adapter (5 mm spacer ring) is inserted between the lens and the camera.
  • Because of its relatively small diameter of 1 inch (25.4 mm), a C-mount connector is not suitable for larger sensors such as those used in ultra high- resolution cameras or line scan cameras

To get the right adapter for your microscope it is worth reading the following text to establish the characteristics of your system. 

  • Type of camera mount
    • C-MOUNT CAMERA ADAPTERS The most common microscopy camera is c-mount, these c-mount adapters are generally the lowest cost and most effective class of adapter for microscopy and the entire microscope manufacturing industry has standardised on this type of camera adapter.  Anything else is considered 'a special.  The more expensive is your brand of microscope, the more expensive will be the adapter.
  • The microscope camera port:
    • Trinocular headed microscopes with a photoport are the best type for attaching cameras because you are still free to view through the eyepiece(s).
    • Eyepiece tubes can be used to attach cameras but with obvious inconveniencing effects.
  • Microscope make and model
    • All microscopes have different diameter camera ports and the formation of the image occurs are different distances above the ports and some require additonal relay lenses to be inserted.  There is no such thing as a single adapter that will fit multiple models of micoscope.  Please give us a call or email with the precise microscope model and age so we can provide you with the best solution.
  • Magnification of adapters
    • C-Mount microscope camera adapters are available in a variety of different magnifications which affects field of view, potential vignetting of the image and the brightness of the image
    • Typically a 0.5x Microscope C-mount microscope camera is recommended for most c-mount microscopy camera types as more magnification requires more light and creates a narrower field of view. However if you have the additional lighting available a 1x C-Mount will give you the true magnification of the microscope

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We can supply these Olympus camera adapters:


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Olympus Microscope C-Mount Adapter for Camera fits 35mm Camera Port 0.35X 0.5X, 0.63X 0.8X 1X OR 1.2X

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C-Mount Extender 2x - Doubles the Magnification to the Camera

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