Prepared Histology Slides - Wooden Box Containing 30 Expertly Sectioned and Stained Specimens

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Prepared Histology Slides - Wooden Box Containing 30 Expertly Sectioned and Exquisitely Stained Specimens. Many slides have multi-coloured stains.
High Quality Specimens, Mounted on Glass Slides, Individually Labelled 
GX Microscopes have one of the largest collections of prepared slides made available to you at exceptionally low prices. These specimens are perfect for learning all about the microscopic world. They are suitable for teaching at all levels and for the curious hobbyist. These slides are made available as preconfigured sets mounted in high grade plastic or wooden boxes. 
To observe these specimens you will need an upright (or inverted) compound microscope with transmitted light. 
A selection of at least 30 of these are included in each set.
General Histology - Series 1 
GXPS-HIST-SER1-1 Pancreas 
GXPS-HIST-SER1-2 Loose connective tissue, W.M. 
GXPS-HIST-SER1-3 Hyaline cartilage, Sec. 
GXPS-HIST-SER1-4 Elastic cartilage, Sec. 
GXPS-HIST-SER1-5 Hard Bone , Grinding Sec. 
GXPS-HIST-SER1-6 Hard Bone Grinding Decalcium Human Teeth 
GXPS-HIST-SER1-7 Dense Bone, Sec. 
GXPS-HIST-SER1-8 Smooth Muscle Teased Preparation 
GXPS-HIST-SER1-9 Skeletal Muscle, L.S.C.S. 
GXPS-HIST-SER1-10 Tendon, Rabbit, Sec. 
GXPS-HIST-SER1-11 Squamous Epithelium Smear Form Human Mouth 
GXPS-HIST-SER1-12 Simple Flat Epithelium, W.M. 
GXPS-HIST-SER1-13 Stratified Flat Epithelium , Sec.
GXPS-HIST-SER1-14 Ciliated Epithelium, Sec. 
GXPS-HIST-SER1-15 Human Skin Sec. Through Hair Follicle 
GXPS-HIST-SER1-16 Human Skin Sec. Through Sweat Gland 
GXPS-HIST-SER1-17 Lung Sec. 
GXPS-HIST-SER1-18 Lung With Blood Vessels Injected, Sec. 
GXPS-HIST-SER1-19 Trachea, C.S. 
GXPS-HIST-SER1-20 Artery & Vein, C.S. 
GXPS-HIST-SER1-21 Human blood , smear 
GXPS-HIST-SER1-22 Lymph Node, Sec 
GXPS-HIST-SER1-23 Thyroid gland 
GXPS-HIST-SER1-24 Wall of Stomach , Sec. 
GXPS-HIST-SER1-25 Small Intestine, C.S. 
GXPS-HIST-SER1-26 Liver , Sec. 
GXPS-HIST-SER1-27 Gall bladder, Sec. 
GXPS-HIST-SER1-28 Testis, Sec. 
GXPS-HIST-SER1-29 Ovary , Sec. 
GXPS-HIST-SER1-30 Kidney, L.S. 
GXPS-HIST-SER1-31 Human Chromosome 
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