Top of Range, Super Live Blood Analysis Digital Microscope - Fully Equipped

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Top of Range, Super Live Blood Analysis Digital Microscope - Fully Equipped - You just won't get a better deal than this fromthe UK's no.1 microscope experts. Includes top of the range infinity trinocular LED microscope with phase contrast, darkfield universal condenser, super-bright LED illumination, superb tablet computer camera, slides and coverslips.

Comprises of the following components:

  • Trinocular research grade, infinity microscope.
  • Universal phase and darkfield condenser
  • 5 plan achromatic infinity objectives 4 of which are phase.
  • Super-widefield eyepieces
  • Camera port with camera adapter and the very latest tablet camera with fully functioning tablet PC giving stunning images and a huge range of functions as well as connectivity to anything you want.
  • 500 slides and 1000 cover glasses and much more
  • All at a stunningly low price with over a £1000 discount!
  • Lifetime limited warranty from the UK factory(please ask for details)
  • See individual product listings in this bundle for details

This includes the following individual products

Washed Plain Ground Edge Glass Microscope Slides (3"x1" - 25.4mm X 76.2mm) 10 boxes of 50 (QTY: 500 - 10 Boxes of 50)
1 piece(s)
£31.50 / 1 piece(s) *
Square Microscope Cover Glasses for use with Microscope Slides, 0.17mm Thickness - 18mm Square (QTY: 1000 - 10 boxes of 100, Size: 18mm x 18mm)
1 piece(s)
£5.31 / 1 piece(s) *
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