Dino-Lite Microscopes

Dino-Lite Microscopes

The original and by far the best inventors and manufacturers of digital microscopes 

Based in Taiwan Dino-Lite have the largest range of best built, best supported digital microscopes in the world including an impressive range of essential stands.  GT Vision is the Dino-Lite Authorised Reseller for the UK with the largest stocks, best prices and knowledgeable trained staff.

Dino-Lite Wireless rangeDino-Lite Polarising modelsDino-Lite models with USB2.0 connectionDino-Lite range including magnification up to 200xDino-Lite range including magnification from 200 - 400xDino-Lite range including magnification over 400x
Dino-Lite 0.3 megapixel Video range Dino-Lite 1.3 megapixel range Dino-Lite 5.0 megapixel range Dino-Lite models for standard working distances Dino-Lite models for long working distances Dino-Lite Infrared, Ultra Violet, Fluorescent and Stroboscopic lighting models
Dino-Lite models with Digital Focus Stacking & Extended Depth Of Field Dino-Lite models with Digital Exposure Stacking Dino-Lite range with Automatic Magnification Reading Dino-Lite models with Flexible Adjustable LED Lighting controlDino-Lite models with Macrozoom FunctionDino-Lite range of Accessories

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Dino-Lite AM3113T Entry Level 8 LED Digital Microscope 10-70 & 200X SEE OPTIONS

Product no.: DINAM3113T

From £162.50 *
Available to Order

Dino-Lite AM4115ZTL Digital Polarising LWD Microscope 10-140X 1.3MP SEE OPTIONS

Product no.: DINAM4115ZTL

From £465.83 *
Available to Order

Dino-Lite AM4115ZTW Digital Polarising Microscope Macro Zoom 10-50X 1.3MP SEE OPTIONS

Product no.: DINAM4115ZTW

From £490.83 *
Available to Order

Dino-Lite AM4815T Digital Microscope Auto Image Stacking EDR 20-220X SEE OPTIONS

Product no.: DINAM4815T

From £565.83 *
Available to Order

Dino-Lite AM7013MT Pro Digital Microscope 10-70x & 200x 5MP SEE OPTIONS

Product no.: DINAM7013MT

From £499.17 *
Available to Order

Dino-Lite AM7013MZT Pro Digital Polarising Microscope 5MP SEE OPTIONS

Product no.: DINAM7013MZT

From £515.83 *
Available to Order

Dino-Lite AM7115MZTL Pro Digital LWD Polarising FLC Microscope 10-140X 5MP SEE OPTIONS

Product no.: DINAM7115MZTL

From £658.33 *
Available to Order

Dino-Lite AM7515MZTL Digital LWD Polarising FLC AMR Microscope 10-140X 5MP SEE OPTIONS

Product no.: DINAM7515MZTL

From £737.50 *
Available to Order

Dino-Lite WF4115ZT Digital Wireless Polarising Microscope 20-220X

Product no.: DINWF4115ZT

£665.78 *
Available to Order

Dino-Lite WF4115ZTL Digital Wireless LWD Polarising Microscope 10-140X 1.3MP

Product no.: DINWF4115ZTL

£665.78 *
Available to Order

Dino-Lite WF4515ZT Digital Wireless AMR Polarising Microscope 20-220X 1.3MP

Product no.: DINWF4515ZT

£710.22 *
Available to Order

Dino-Lite AM4515T8 Edge Digital Microscope 700-900X AMR 1.3MP SEE OPTIONS

Product no.: DINAM4515T8

From £549.17 *
Available to Order

Dino Lite Digital Microscope High-Resolution Brightfield and Darkfield Vision System

Product no.: 0599 0608 DF-CDW

£1,099.16 *
Available to Order

Dino-Lite Digital Microscope Live Blood Analysis System

Product no.: 0599 0608 BL-CDW

£1,099.16 *
Available to Order

Dino-Lite MS08B Digital Microscope Great Value Budget Stand

Product no.: DINMS08B

£38.33 *
Available to Order

Dino-Lite MS12C Transparent Holder

Product no.: DINMS12C

£24.16 *
Available to Order

Dino-Lite MSW1 Precision Roller Microscope Stand

Product no.: DINMSW1

£93.33 *
Available to Order

Dino-Lite RK-02 Digital Microscope Flexible Gooseneck Stand

Product no.: DINRK-02

£107.50 *
Available to Order

Dino-Lite RK-06A Digital Microscope Stand Boom Arm Stand Series

Product no.: DINRK-06A

From £17.50 *
Available to Order

Dino-Lite BL-CDW Brightfield / Darkfield Backlight Illuminator

Product no.: DINBL-CDW

£224.17 *
Available to Order

Dino-Lite N3C-R Passive Ring Light Cap

Product no.: DINN3C-R

£74.17 *
Available to Order

Dino-Lite SW-F1 Foot Pedal

Product no.: DINSW-F1

£47.50 *
Available to Order

Dino-Lite AM7025X Dino-Eye Digital Eyepiece Camera

Product no.: DINAM7025X

£440.89 *
Available to Order

Dino-Lite BL-ZW1 Backlight Accessory with Rotatable Polariser

Product no.: DINBL-ZW1

£191.67 *
Available to Order

Dino-Lite AM4515T5 Edge Digital Microscope 500-550X AMR 1.3MP SEE OPTIONS

Product no.: DINAM4515T5

From £462.50 *
Available to Order

DinoLite AM7115MTF Microscope 10-70x Extra Long Working Distance

Product no.: DINAM7115MTF

From £710.22 *
Available to Order
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