Euromex Microscopes

Euromex Microscopes

Euromex Microscopen BV is a leading manufacturer of microscopes and other optical instruments. Founded in 1966, Euromex has become a world-class supplier of biological and stereo microscopes

The corporate office is based in Arnhem, The Netherlands. A facility with a 2,000 m2 conditioned logistics warehouse, an optomechanical workshop, an R&D department and a high-level quality control department

Around the world, Euromex operates in more than 120 countries through distributors and resellers. A wide variety of customers such as schools and educational institutes, clinical and research laboratories and a broad range of industrial customers are using Euromex microscopes

Euromex Microscopen bv is a subsidiary of Euromex Optics Group bv, a group holding company with active subsidiaries in the field of optical instruments and high level optical and opto-mechanical components 

Upright Biological Microscopes- including Phase Contrast and Dark Field

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Upright Fluorescence Microscopes

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Inverted Biological Microscopes- including Inverted Fluorescence Microscopes

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LED Fluorescence Illuminators


Polarising Microscopes

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Materials Microscopes- Upright and Inverted

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Multi-Head Microscopes

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