Delphi-X Multihead Series

State-of-the-art microscopes for advanced Life Science applications.

The outstanding optical performance of the Delphi-X Observer™ with 25 mm fields of view and high numerical aperture of the Plan 60 mm parafocal EIS objectives enables perfect observations and color rendering at high resolving power. This is the perfect microscope for anatomo-pathologists

  • Trinocular model
  • Sextuple reversed nosepiece
  • Super Wide field SWF 10x/25mm eyepieces, Ø 30 mm tubes
  • Enhanced infinity corrected EIS optical system
  • Ergonomic tilting head
  • 60 mm parafocal Plan EIS objectives
  • 60 mm parafocal Plan Semi-Apochromatic EIS objectives
  • M25 mm objective thread mounting
  • 3 W NeoLED™ illumination
  • 100 W halogen illumination
  • Face-to-face dual head system
  • Multihead systems
  • Motorized versions


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Delphi-X dual head microscope plan 4/10/20/40/100x objectives LED illumination

Product no.: DX.1154-PLi

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