Oxion Inverso Materials Series

The Oxion Inverso inverted microscopes for material science are intensively used for observation of large pieces of material made from metal, wood, plastics and more

The Oxion Inverso is available with a powerful 50 W halogen brightfield contrast illumination and a large mechanical stage. The polarization and colour filters makes this instrument suitable for a wide variety of applications

  • Observation of all types of materials
  • Brightfield with polarization
  • Long working IOS plan achromatic objectives
  • Long working IOS plan semi apochromatic objectives
  • Revolving quintuple nosepiece
  • 50 W halogen Köhler illumination
  • Materials Science applications

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Oxion Inverso inverted trinocular materials microscope 5/10/20/50x objectives

Product no.: OX.2653-PLM

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