bScope Fluorescence Series

bScope Fluorescence Series

The bScope microscope for fluorescence microscopy comes in two versions. One version is equipped with four monochromatic LEDs and the second version is equipped with a traditional 100 W mercury vapor light source for a larger excitation light spectrum 

The microscopes are supplied with routine fluorescence filter sets and dichroic mirrors for excitation in the blue, green, violet and ultraviolet spectral regions

  • Trinocular models
  • WF 10x/22 mm eyepieces
  • Reversedball-bearing quintuple nosepiece
  • With slot for polarization filter
  • E-plan IOS, Plan IOS and Plan Fluarex IOS objectives
  • Rackless integrated X-Y mechanical stage
  • Epi-fluorescence illumination
  • 4 monochromatic LEDs or a 100 W HBO mercury vapor lamp
  • 3 W NeoLED™ adjustable illumination system
  • Integrated carrying grip
  • Cable Storage System and anti-theft system


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