Anti-Vibration Tables

These anti vibration tables and bases reduce the effects of external vibration on the microscope. Often these effects are caused by nearby equipment and make using the microscope more difficult. The effects of the external vibration can be to make the microscope lose focus on the samples and to make visualising the specimens more difficult. It can also make using the microscope uncomfortable. In the longer term constant vibration can cause mechanical and optical problems with the microscope.

The use of a correctly installed anti vibration table or base can reduce the effects of the external vibration, making the operation of the microscope more effective and pleasurable.



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Microscope Anti-Vibration Base 368mm x 440mm

Product no.: CHUO-PB-STX500

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Microscope Anti-Vibration Base 368mm x 499mm

Product no.: CHUO-PB-STX600

£2,717.00 *
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