Asbestos Microscopes

Asbestos Microscopes

Asbestos Microscopes

We offer a range of tried and tested, highly robust solutions for PCM, PLM and bulk fibre analysis.  GT Vision are specialists in this field and can provide systems that meet all government standards and allow users to comply fully with regulatory requirements.

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Meiji EMT-2, 10X & 30X Binocular, Dual Magnification Stereo Microscope, Includes Illumination

Product no.: MEIJIEMT-2
Famous as the high quality workhorses in industry Meiji microscopes are supplied with a limited lifetime warranty and are built to last
The range is extensive and only a part of the range can be shown here in the briefest detail. For simplicity we have included relatively basic configurations.
The Binocular head with paired 1X & 3X Objectives and 10X eyepieces offer a 23mm (10X) and 7.7mm (3X) with a working distacne of 81mm. The head comes complete with interpupillary distance adjustment and left eyetube dioptric adjustment.
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Meiji PLM, Routine, Binocular Microscope, Asbestos Microscope

Product no.: MEIJI PLM

Meiji Techno offers the ML6100 Series PLM (Polarized Light) Microscopes for Asbestos fiber identification applications. Meiji Techno manufactures these microscopes pursuant to NIOSH 9002 Reference methods. Each model comes with strain free semi Plan DIN brightfield POL objectives, rotatable stage with 360 degree graduations, strain free achromatic condenser and built-in Koehler illuminator as standard equipment. The table below shows the features of each model.



£4,158.33 *
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GX Microscopes XTL Stereo Zoom 7X - 45X Series - Plain Stand Options

Product no.: 9182_9186_3621
A range of plain stand XTL stereo microscopes on various plain stands, illumination is not inluded but can be catered for in our Illumination Section
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GXM-XTL Series, 7X - 45X, Professional Stereo Zoom Microscope, Dual Illuminated LED Stand Series

Product no.: 0036_0035

GXM-XTL3T101, 7X - 45X, Trinocular, Research, Stereo Zoom Microscope, Illuminated. Premium Quality.

From £560.00 *
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XTL Stereo Microscope,7X-45X Long Reach Stands

Product no.: 5588_5601_5625
XTL stereo zoom microscopes on long reach boom arm stands for a greater range of movement or for larger samples.
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Meiji PCM 40X-1000X Routine, Phase Contrast, Binocular Microscope, Asbestos Microscope

Product no.: MEIJI PCM

Meiji Techno offers the ML6500 Series PCM (Phase Contrast Microscopes) for Asbestos fibre counting applications. Meiji Techno manufactures these microscopes pursuant to NIOSH 7400 and OSHA ID 160 Reference methods Each model comes with centering telescope, 1mm stage micrometer, GIF 546nm filters and built-in Koehler illuminator as standard equipment.




£2,941.67 *
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Meiji MT6830 40X-1000X, Binocular Asbestos Microscope, Phase Contrast and Polariazed Illumation

Product no.: MEIJIMT6830

Routine & Teaching grade Binocular Microscope with Mechanical Stage, Transmitted 6V 30W Halogen illumination, Quadruple nosepiece, DIN Strain Free Plan Achromatic Objectives 10X, 20X, 40X, & 10X Dispersion Straining Objective.

£5,829.17 *
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Meiji EMZ-5, 7X-45X Binocular, StereoZoom Microscope, 93mm W.D

Product no.: MEIJIEMZ-5

The EMZ series stereo microscope offers crisp, high resolution precision optics provde and excellent, erect, unreveresed stereoscopic image. Offering a zoom ratio of 6.5:1 (7X - 45X) as standard. Viewing is made easy and comfortable via dual dioptric adjustment, and interpupillary distance adjustment 54mm to 75mm, and the binocular eyetubes inclined at 45 degrees for fatigue free viewing.


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