Blood Analysis Microscopes

Blood Analysis Microscopes

Blood Analysis Microscopes

For high quality microscopes offering clear images of blood at high magnifications; both through the eyepiece and via a camera, we have it all.  See our extensive choice here.

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Top of Range, Super Live Blood Analysis Digital Microscope - Fully Equipped

Product no.: 4109-4215UNIVER-4918-0269-5885-5915

£2,290.83 *
Special Offer £2,955.93
You save £665.10
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GXM - Dino-Lite Live Blood Analysis System

Product no.: 0599 0608 BL-CDW

£1,099.16 *
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Portable Digital Microscope with WiFi, UK designed and made - ioLight

Product no.: IOLIGHT

From £649.17 *
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GXM - High-Resolution Brightfield and Darkfield Vision System

Product no.: 0599 0608 DF-CDW

£1,099.16 *
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New Darkfield - Brightfield Transmitted Light LED Illuminator

Product no.: DINBL-CDW

£230.22 *
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New GX Microscopes' New AS Series Unique Digital LCD Microscopes

Product no.: AS001

From £2,333.33 *
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