Earth Sciences Microscopes

Earth Sciences Microscopes

Earth Sciences Microscopes

Earth Science Microscopes and Imaging Equipment incude polarising microscopes for examining polished sections of rock, sereo microscopes for rock and grain examinations at lower magnifications and a range of associated accessries including cameras and lighting.

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GX Microscopes XTL Stereo Zoom 7X - 45X Series - Plain Stand Options

Product no.: 9182_9186_3621

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XTL Stereo Microscope,7X-45X Long Reach Stands

Product no.: 5588_5601_5625

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New Nikon Ci-POL Upright Polarising Microscope 4X-400X

Product no.: NIKONCi-POL

£7,190.83 *
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New MICROVISIONEER - Revolutionary Whole Slide Imaging Made Simple

Product no.: MV900016

£3,445.83 *
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New Portable Metallurgical Microscope - GXM-FM

Product no.: 0990

£415.83 *
Special Offer £832.50
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