Paleontology Microscopes

Paleontology Microscopes

Paleontology Microscopes

Of particular interest to the founders of GT Vision we have always tried hard to include a wide range of good quality yet affordable microscopes and imaging systems for palaeontologsts, as a result we have over 2000 systems installed across the world and we can provide informed, expert advice as to which microscope and camera to choose.

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GX Microscopes XTL Stereo Zoom 7X - 45X Series - Plain Stand Options

Product no.: 9182_9186_3621

From £670.83 *
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XTL Stereo Microscope,7X-45X Long Reach Stands

Product no.: 5588_5601_5625

From £916.67 *
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New Portable Metallurgical Microscope - GXM-FM

Product no.: 0990

£415.83 *
Special Offer £832.50
You save £416.67
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LED Bore Inspection Magnifier - Holes, Grooves, Cavities - BORELOUPE

Product no.: OTS001

£1,332.50 *
Special Offer £1,499.17
You save £166.67
Available to Order

New XTL+AXIAL ZOOM Stereo Zoom Microscope Head for Through Axis Observation - Trinocular, SICZ

Product no.: 1043

£699.68 *
Special Offer £873.33
You save £173.65
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