General Use Veterinary Microscopes & Accessories

General Use Veterinary Microscopes & Accessories including all types of biological upright and stereo microscopes and a range of accessories such as microscope slides and cover glasses

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GX Microscopes SMART Microscope (Up to 1600X)

Product no.: 0756

From £584.99 *
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Bundle Deal-Trino. Mic.1000X & 5MP WiFi Camera

Product no.: 0654+0756+4291

£1,039.50 *
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Leica-DM500 40X-1000X Teaching, Biological, Binocular Microscope

Product no.: LEICADM500

£1,267.50 *
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Olympus CX23 Series Biological Upright Microscope

Product no.: OLYMPUS CX23-1

From £1,165.83 *
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Olympus CX23LEDRF Series Biological Upright Microscope - SPECIAL OFFER


From £1,165.83 *
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