Fluorescence Microscopes

Fluorescence Microscopes



Fluorescence Microscopes are used to observe specimens that emit fluorescent light at magnifications ranging typically from 40X to 1000X.  They are equipped with an epi-fluorescence capability which is usually provided by a LED iluminator, mercury vapour lamp or metal halide lamp.  These microscopes can be supplied in upright or inverted formats.

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CoolLED LED Advanced Fluorescence & LED Attachments for Microscopes

Product no.: COOLLED

From £1,065.00 *
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GXM-L3201 LED, Research, Fluorescence, Trinocular Microscope

Product no.: 8880

£4,878.33 *
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XDY-2LED Series Inverted LED Fluorescence Microscopes with Phase Contrast, 100X-400X

Product no.: 9096CoolLED

From £9,999.17 *
Available to Order

L2800FL LED, Research, Fluorescence Microscope

Product no.: 1129

£4,162.50 *
Special Offer £4,829.17
You save £666.67
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CoolLED pE-340fura Series Fast, Controllable LED Illumination for Fura-2 PRICES FROM

Product no.: CoolLED PE-340fura

£6,766.67 *
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New GXM ultraBIO-5 Trinocular Biological Microscope. Plan Ach. Infinity Optics & LED Illumination

Product no.: UB5

£699.00 *
Special Offer £878.33
You save £179.33
Available to Order

Fluorescence Illuminator for XDS400 Microscope

Product no.: 1116

£3,945.00 *
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New GXM-XDS400 Inverted Fluorescence Biological Microscope

Product no.: 1130

£7,245.00 *
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1 - 60 of 71 results