Research Microscopes

Research Microscopes





Here you will find just a selection of the research microscopes available from GT Vision Ltd.  By their nature there are almost an infinite number of permutations with research microscopes.  GT Vision represents major manufacturers and offers a wealth of choice backed by expert knowledge and support.

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GX Microscopes SMART Microscope (Up to 1600X)

Product no.: 0756

From £541.66 *
Available to Order

GX Microscopes L2800 Series - CHOOSE MODEL:

Product no.: 0726

From £391.66 *
Available to Order

GXM-XDS-5 40X-400X Research, Inverted Biological, Phase Contrast, Microscope

Product no.: 0456

£2,592.49 *
Special Offer £4,083.33
You save £1,490.84
Available to Order

Olympus BX43 40X-1000X Research, Biological, Trinocular Microscope

Product no.: OLYMPUSBX43

£6,348.39 *
Available to Order

Leica-DM2500 40X-1000X Routine, Biological, Binocular Microscope

Product no.: LEICADM2500

£7,108.33 *
Available to Order

XDY-2LED Series Inverted LED Fluorescence Microscopes with Phase Contrast, 100X-400X

Product no.: 9096CoolLED

From £9,999.17 *
Available to Order

Leica DM5000 40X-1000X Research, Biological, Motorised, Trinocular Microscope

Product no.: LEICADM5000

£22,314.17 *
Available to Order

Olympus-BX63 40X-1000X Advanced Research, Biological, Trinocular Microscope

Product no.: OLYMPUSBX63

£25,269.53 *
Available to Order

CoolLED pE-340fura Series Fast, Controllable LED Illumination for Fura-2 PRICES FROM

Product no.: CoolLED PE-340fura

£6,766.67 *
Available to Order

New UltraZoom-3 with Dual LED Track Stand

£895.00 *
Special Offer £1,062.50
You save £167.50
Available to Order

New GXM ultraBIO-5 Trinocular Biological Microscope. Plan Ach. Infinity Optics & LED Illumination

Product no.: UB5

£699.00 *
Special Offer £878.33
You save £179.33
Available to Order
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