Direct to Display Cameras

Direct to Display Cameras

Direct to Display Cameras

This class of camera typically is a c-mount type and outputs the image direct to a computer monitor.  This class of camera is superb for teaching applications.

 The main unusual characteristics of these cameras are:

  • Extremely fast refresh rates producing superb live images
  • Very high resolutions in live mode
  • No computer needed
  • Ability to freeze the image
  • Some models have overlays such as crosshairs on top of the live image
  • Some models have builkt in memory card writers so images can be captured.
  • Many models have absolutely superb colour reproduction

Because these cameras are designed primarily for live image capture the sensor size is usually limited to a maximum of 2MP, which i perfectly high enough for most purposes.

These cameras cost much more than the equivalent USB version simply because they are rarer, more complex, have a higher specification chip and are built in much, much lower quantities.

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GXCAMDM350-C Unique BACK-FOCUS, 3.5MP, HDMI and TF Card C-Mount Camera

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