Standard Microscope C-Mount Cameras

Standard Microscope C-Mount Cameras

All manufacturers of microscopes design their microscopes to accept standard c-mount microscope cameras.  These are the best and most convenient class of live image camera to use for microscopy.  This class of camera is specially designed for microscopy with microscopy appropriate live camera controls and software.  Technically speaking a c-mount  has a screw thread with a diameter of 1 inch (25.4mm) and 32 TPI (threads per inch). The “flange focal distance” is 17.52mm (0.69 inches). The C-Mount standard also defines the thread length as being 3.8mm.




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Basler PULSE Series - USB-3 C-Mount Microscopy Camera Series + Software

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5G Interactive Microscopy Wireless WiFi Digital Classroom

Product no.: 1010M

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GXCAM HICHROME-HR4 HDMI/SD/WiFI/GigE 4K Premium Microscopy C-Mount Camera

Product no.: 1144

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HiChrome-HD Digital Display Microscope Camera

Product no.: 1256

From £258.00 *
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