Digital Microscopes

Digital Microscopes

Digital Microscopes


Digital microscopy is an area in which GT Vision Ltd specialise, we can provide a wide choice of microscopes at a price to suit your budget.  Our range includes handheld, portable and desk mounted models at all levels of performance, resolution and magnifications.






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Olympus CX23 Microscope + Digital USB Camera

Product no.: OLYMPUS CX23 + 0814

£1,258.33 *
Special Offer £1,384.17
You save £125.84
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Bundle Deal-Trino. Mic.1000X & 5MP WiFi Camera

Product no.: 0654+0756+4291

£829.17 *
Available to Order

New Portable Digital Microscope with WiFi, UK designed and made - ioLight

Product no.: IOLIGHT

From £649.17 *
Available to Order

New 5G Interactive Microscopy WIRELESS Teaching System

Product no.: 1010M

Available to Order
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