Polarising Microscopes

Polarising Microscopes

GT Vision are specialists in the field of polarising microscopy.  With over 600 polarising microcopes of all levels installed into universities and the widest range of polarising microscopes in Europe.





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GXM-XPL3200 50X-600X Research, Polarising, Trinocular Microscope

Product no.: 5373

£3,287.49 *
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Dino-Lite AM4115ZTL Digital Polarising LWD Microscope 10-140X 1.3MP SEE OPTIONS

Product no.: DINAM4115ZTL

From £465.83 *
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BioBlue polarising monocular microscope with 4/10/40x objectives, LED illumination

Product no.: BB.4220-P-HLED

£489.71 *
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XPL5-DIGI Polarising Digital Microscope With Display Screen

Product no.: XPL5-DIGI

£1,960.29 *
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uScopeGX-10 High Resolution Geological Slide Scanner 10x

Product no.: 1259

£20,793.13 *
Available to Order

uScopeGX-20 High Resolution Geological Slide Scanner 20x

Product no.: 1260

£21,033.58 *
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uScopeGX-1020 High Resolution Geological Slide Scanner 10x & 20x

Product no.: 1261

£21,394.27 *
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