Fluorescence Microscopes

Fluorescence Microscopes



​Most fluorescence microscopes are specialist microscopes that emit light at particular bands of wavelengths (excitation) onto the specimen and the view the emission wavelengths coming from the specimens.  The wavelengths are usually controlled by special dichroic filters and the light source is specially selected to emit light at the wavelengths required.  Most fluorescence microscopes are equipped with a specialist digital imaging camera and software.  The majority of applications for fluorescence microscopy are in biological research fields but there are some industrial applications such as non-destructive testing where dyes in cracks (for instance) can be observed.

LED Fluorescence Illuminators

LED Fluorescence Illuminators

LED light sources are designed to fit on all current fluorescence microscopes.  A simple once-ever adjustment will allow optimisation to the optical path of your microscope. Each is supplied as a complete working package with power supply and control pod and theyoffer large advantages over traditional mercury vapour systems. 

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GXM-L3201 LED, Research, Fluorescence, Trinocular Microscope

Product no.: 8880

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XDY-2LED Series Inverted LED Fluorescence Microscopes with Phase Contrast, 100X-400X

Product no.: 9096CoolLED

From £9,999.17 *
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CoolLED LED Advanced Fluorescence & LED Attachments for Microscopes

Product no.: COOLLED

From £1,065.00 *
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Advanced, Low Cost, LED Fluorescence Illumination Attachments by MSHOT

Product no.: LED-F

From £829.17 *
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Aurox Clarity, Laser-free Confocal Microscope


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L2800FL LED, Research, Fluorescence Microscope

Product no.: L2800FL

£4,162.50 *
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New CoolLED pE 300 Ultra Fluorescence Microscopy LED Light DOUBLE INTENSITY AT THE SAMPLE PLANE

Product no.: CoolLED pE 300 Ultra

£3,991.67 *
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New CoolLED pE-340fura Series Fast, Controllable LED Illumination for Fura-2 PRICES FROM

Product no.: CoolLED PE-340fura

£6,766.67 *
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