Gemological Microscopes

Gemological Microscopes
Gemological microscopes are used for the examination of diamonds and other precious stones and mounted jewelry.  They are essentially stereo microscopes with very special illumination and stand stand design.  The image quality from a well set-up gemscope is outstanding.

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C2-D Stereo Microscope, PCB/Phone Repair LED - GX VALUE RANGE

Product no.: 0670

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EAGLE-M-HD Inspection Microscope - Stand with Display, HD Resolution, HDMI, Unique Illumination

Product no.: 1028M

£787.50 *
Special Offer £1,079.17
You save £291.67
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Dino-Lite WF4515ZT Digital Wireless AMR Polarising Microscope 20-220X 1.3MP

Product no.: DINWF4515ZT

£710.22 *
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Dino-Lite WF4115ZTL Digital Wireless LWD Polarising Microscope 10-140X 1.3MP

Product no.: DINWF4115ZTL

£665.78 *
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Dino-Lite WF4115ZT Digital Wireless Polarising Microscope 20-220X

Product no.: DINWF4115ZT

£665.78 *
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