Industrial Microscopes

Industrial Microscopes

Industrial Microscopes


GT Vision offer a huge variety of microscopes used in industry.  Most are for inspection or work on components or electronics, some are portable enough to be used in the factory and many are used in the laboratory for materials studies of materials such as plastics, semiconductors, metals, ceramics and composites.





Materials / Metallurgical Microscopes

Materials / Metallurgical Microscopes

Metallurgical microscopes use incident (also known as reflected) light which shines down through the objective onto the reflective surface of the material and the reflected image is then observed. 

Stereo / Inspection Microscopes

Stereo / Inspection Microscopes

Stereo microscopes are the most commonly used microscopes in industry.  They are designed to give a crystal clear 3D image of the subject and can be equipped with a large range of illumination systems. 

Wafer / Semiconductor  Microscopes

Wafer / Semiconductor Microscopes

Semiconductor microscopes otherwise known as silicon wafer inspection microscopes are essentially specialised metallurgical microscopes.

Portable Microscopes

Portable Microscopes

Portable industrial microscopes are available in a large variety of forms.  The most popular are the smaller devices that can be taken into the factory for on-site inspections.

Monozoom Microscopes

Monozoom Microscopes

Monozoom microscopes are highly versatile high magnification zoom lenses with a camera attached to the top for the live viewing of any specimen. 

Inverted Microscopes

Inverted Microscopes

Inverted metallurgical microscopes are widely used in industry to inspect polished areas of larger specimens.  The can be used to look at metals, composites, polymers, minerals, rock and ceramics.

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New GXCAM-HiChrome EZCHECK Automatic Feature Checking HDMI C-Mount Microscope Camera

Product no.: EZ1

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Monozoom Digital Inspection Microscope with Camera HD Live Output with Display - UltraDIGI-HD52

Product no.: 9502M

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New Long Reach Digital Inspection Microscope with Camera HD Live Output with Display - UltraDIGI-HD62

Product no.: 9502ML

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EAGLE-M-HD Inspection Microscope - Stand with Display, HD Resolution, HDMI, Unique Illumination

Product no.: 1028M

£787.50 *
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New ultraZOOM-1 Stereo Trinocular Microscope 7X-45X Series. Large choice of stands

Product no.: UZ-1 Series

From £322.92 *
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New ultraZOOM-4 Research Grade Stereo Microscope 8X-80X+,10:1 Zoom Series- Huge Choice of Stands

Product no.: UZ-4 Series

From £2,033.10 *
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Portable Metallurgical Microscope - GXM-FM

Product no.: 0990

£449.10 *
Special Offer £832.50
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C2-D Stereo Microscope, PCB/Phone Repair LED - GX VALUE RANGE

Product no.: 0670

£261.89 *
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GXM-ST50A 20X Single Magnification, Binocular Stereo Microscope

Product no.: 9036

£283.49 *
Available to Order

GXM-ST50B 20X Single Magnification, Binocular Stereo Microscope

Product no.: 9037

£326.69 *
Available to Order

GXM-MZ2004,20X-135X, MonoZoom Video Microscope

Product no.: 0537

£921.59 *
Available to Order

GXM L3203 Metallurgical Upright LED Microscope 500x (Optional 1000x)

Product no.: 0390

£1,466.09 *
Available to Order

GXM-L3030 Research; Routine Materials Upright Trinocular Microscope

Product no.: 5168

£1,571.39 *
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Toolmakers Measuring Microscope

Product no.: TMM01

£3,955.49 *
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GXM-L3230BD, Trinocular, Research, Materials Upright Microscope,

Product no.: 7278

£5,891.39 *
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1 - 60 of 108 results