Monozoom Microscopes

Monozoom Microscopes


Monozoom microscopes are highly versatile high magnification zoom lenses with a camera attached to the top for the live viewing of any specimen.  They are compact and can be mounted on rigs and a large variety of stands.  There is a large choice of components allowing you to configure your own tailor-made microscope.





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New UltraDIGI-1080MZ Digital Inspection Microscope no display screen

Product no.: 1275

£757.00 *
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GXM-MZ2004,20X-135X, MonoZoom Video Microscope

Product no.: 0537

£921.59 *
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LED Bore Inspection Magnifier - Holes, Grooves, Cavities - BORELOUPE

Product no.: OTS001

£1,332.50 *
Special Offer £1,499.17
You save £166.67
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