Materials / Metallurgical Microscopes

Materials / Metallurgical Microscopes

Materials or Metallurgical Inverted Microscopes are used mainly in industry for the observation of polished flat sections of metals and polymers typically.  Geological specimens can also be observed.  The light is 'reflected' or 'incident' light shining through the objective and reflecting back off the specimen.





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GXM-XJL20BD, 100X-800X Trinocular Materials Inverted Microscope

Product no.: 8404

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New Nikon MA100L Inverted Materials Microscope 5X-1000X

Product no.: NIKONMA100L

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GXM-XJL20, 50X-800X Trinocular Materials Inverted Microscope

Product no.: 8398

£2,472.41 *
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Oxion Inverso inverted trinocular materials microscope 5/10/20/50x objectives

Product no.: OX.2653-PLM

£2,208.90 *
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