Measuring Microscopes

Measuring Microscopes

Measuring Microscopes

We offer a choice of different types of microscopes and systems for making measurements ranging from eyepiece graticules to motorised image analysis systems.

The most basic microscope is one with a scale in the eyepiece (reticle).  Popular in industry are microscopes with distance travelled readouts on the microscope stage and a cross hair reticle through the eyepiece.  Fully automated systems can be left unattended to scan your sample and produce a table and graphs of results on your computer.  GT Vision's staff have in depth knowledge of all these levels of systems and will help you identify the optimum system for your budget.





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Toolmakers Measuring Microscope

Product no.: TMM01

£3,662.49 *
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Economy Particle Sizing Microscope Kit with Microscope, Reticle and Calibration Slide

Product no.: 0217+5021+5243

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Special Offer £275.86
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Monozoom Inspection Microscope with Camera HD Live Output GXM-HD51

Product no.: 9502

£605.83 *
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