Monozoom Microscopes

Monozoom Microscopes

Monozoom Microscopes

Monozoom microscopes are compact,  highly versatile, single lens zoom microscopes that are usually supplied with a digital camera attached.  These microscopes have very high quality optics and the modular design can be configured for use in almost any application.  These microscopes are particularly popular for industrial inspection tasks. They can be attached to any type of stand including long reach boom arm stand.  Magnification range from 2x to 1000x.  Monozoom microscopes can be made up from a range of components.  At the camera end there is a camera coupler (various magnifications), a zoom body ~(with or without click stops and finally lighting attachments and objectives.

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GXM-MZ2004,20X-135X, MonoZoom Video Microscope

Product no.: 0537

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Navitar's Zoom 6000 modular zoom lens system

Product no.: NAV6000

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Navitar's 12X Zoom modular zoom lens system

Product no.: NAV12XZOOM

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New Portable Metallurgical Microscope - GXM-FM

Product no.: 0990

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