Microscope Illuminators

Microscope Illuminators


Our range of microscope illuminators range incude systems for stereo and monozoom microscopy to fluorescence systems for research biological microscopes.

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iLUMos QUADLED 60 LED High Intensity Ringlight, Quadrant Adjustable

Product no.: 2396i

£171.72 *
Available to Order

iLUMos High Intensity Dual Gooseneck LED Microscope Illuminator

Product no.: 0153i

£538.92 *
Available to Order

iLUMos Dual Gooseneck LED Microscope Illuminator

Product no.: 0511i

£214.92 *
Available to Order

iLUMos LED Ringlight, Adjustable Intensity for Stereo Microscopes

Product no.: 2402i

£85.32 *
Available to Order

Fibre Optic Lamphouse 150W with Dual Gooseneck Light Guides on Clamp

Product no.: 2341 7780

£1,076.39 *
Available to Order

Four Filter Set R,G,B,Y for 2341 (GXML12) Fibre Optic Lamphouse

Product no.: 2358

£132.29 *
Available to Order

CoolLED LED Advanced Fluorescence & LED Attachments for Microscopes

Product no.: COOLLED

From £1,065.00 *
Available to Order

New Polariser Kit for use with GXM-FM Portable Metallurgical Microscope

Product no.: 0992

£89.10 *
Available to Order

CoolLED pE 300 Ultra Fluorescence Microscopy LED Light DOUBLE INTENSITY AT THE SAMPLE PLANE

Product no.: CoolLED pE 300 Ultra

£3,991.67 *
Available to Order

CoolLED pE-340fura Series Fast, Controllable LED Illumination for Fura-2 PRICES FROM

Product no.: CoolLED PE-340fura

£6,766.67 *
Available to Order

Photonic Optics F1 Lamphouse - Dual Goosenecks

Product no.: 0488 0667

£699.00 *
Available to Order

LED Lamphouse with a Flexible Fibre Optic Light Guide by Photonics Optics

Product no.: 0488 1032

£639.00 *
Available to Order

iLUMos Polarising Ring Light for Microscopes

Product no.: 120P

£279.72 *
Available to Order

Olympus CKX53 Fluorescence Module + CoolLED pE300 Lite

Product no.: OLYCKX53-17

£5,940.00 *
Available to Order

UltraBIO-5 Fluorescence Illuminator

Product no.: UB-5 FL ILL

£2,560.67 *
Available to Order

Fluorescence ring light for stereo microscopes

Product no.: 0010

£1,080.00 *
Available to Order

Euromex 2 wavelength LED fluorescence illuminator

Product no.: LE.6200

£1,921.45 *
Available to Order

Euromex 5 wavelength LED fluorescence illuminator

Product no.: LE.6500

£4,096.88 *
Available to Order

Euromex 9 wavelength LED fluorescence illuminator

Product no.: LE.6900

£9,389.79 *
Available to Order

Leica LED3000RL Ringlight

Product no.: 1288

£727.50 *
Available to Order

Leica LED3000RL Polarising Ringlight

Product no.: 1189

£1,196.00 *
Available to Order
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