Microscope Camera Adapters

Microscope Camera Adapters


We provide camera adapters for most types of microscope and most types of cameras.  Please ask us if you cannot see the type of adapter you need or if you are uncertain.  The most common type of camera that is attached to microscopes is a c-mount type requiring a c-mount adapter.  The type of c-mount adapter you choose will depend on the camera sensor size and the microscope make and model.  We also have our own range of DSLR microscope camera adapters.  Some adapters are designed to fit the eyepiece tube of a microscope, others are designed to fit the photo-port/tube on a trinocular headed microscope.  We supply almost every conceivable type - it is easy to buy the wrong item please ask us and we will advise the best option for you.

SEE our 
CAMERA ADAPTER HELP PAGE for more definitions and assistance with selecting your camera adapter.

Adapters to Attach Cameras to Microscopes 

In this section you will find our extensive range of Microscope Camera Adapters. 

To get the right adapter for your microscope:

 Please first select which type of camera you wish to attach to your microscope:

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