C-Mount Camera Adapters for Microscopes

C-Mount Camera Adapters for Microscopes

These are the most commonly supplied camera adapters for microscopes.  All microscope companies manufacture c-mount camera adapters for their microscopes.  This is because c-mount microscope cameras are, by far, the most popular and practical choice for viewing capturing and processing images and videos from microscopes - they are designed for the job and account for over 98% of all cameras mounted onto microscopes at the time of writing.  There is also an immense choice of c-mount cameras at all quality and price levels as well as numerous specialist devices for more demanding imaging tasks.  For this reason the c-mount adapters are sold in larger volumes and are therefore generally offered a lower cost than adapters for other types of cameras such as DSLRs.

A 'c-mount' is a 25.4mm (1 inch) threaded hole on the face of a camera. The c-mount adapter has a corresponding male-c-mount thread at one end.  At the microscope end the c-mount adapter terminates either in a mount that is highly specific to each model of microscope (there is no universal mount), this is the most common type.  Or the c-mount adapter is designed to replace an eyepiece and will fit into a 23.2mm internal diameter eyepiece tube or phototube port, a further adapter allows this type of adapter to fit a 30, 30.5 or 31.75mm internal diameter eyepiece tube.

Please select the type of microscope head you wish to attach the c-mount camera to:

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