Microscope Objectives

Microscope Objectives

Here you will find our range of objectives for many different types of microscope.  Stereo microscopes generally use much wider objectives because they are placed in front of two lenses - these are also sometimes known as barlow lenses but more commonly called auxiliary objectives.  Objectives for monozoom microscopes are often very thin and small and are quite unique.  Objectives for all other microscopes look quite similar externally in style but can be dramatically different with a host of different optical qualities and lens arrangements within the steel barrels.  In general, as the magnification increases, the working distance and field of view declines.  This is only a tiny fraction of all the objectives we have to offer for almost any brand of microscope, please enquire if you cannot find what you need.

Stereo Microscope Objectives

Microscope Objectives for stereo zoom microscopes

Biological and Materials Microscope Objectives

Microscope Objectives for biological and materials/metallurgical compound microscopes

Monozoom Objectives

Microscope Objectives for monozoom microscopes

Other Objectives

Microscope Objectives for specialist industrial and portable microscopes