Digital Microscopes

Digital Microscopes

Digital Microscopes


Digital portable microscopes have built-in cameras and can record images via a USB link to a PC or to a memory card.  Some models have built-in displays.





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GXM-Dino-Lite AM2111 Basic, 10X-50X & 230X, 640 X 480

Product no.: 9106

£86.99 *
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GXM-Dino-Lite AD7013MTL, 20X-90X Magnification, 5megapixels

Product no.: 9180

£653.33 *
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Portable Digital Microscope with WiFi, UK designed and made - ioLight

Product no.: IOLIGHT

From £649.17 *
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New Portable Metallurgical Microscope - GXM-FM

Product no.: 0990

£415.83 *
Special Offer £832.50
You save £416.67
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New GX Microscopes' New AS Series Unique Digital LCD Microscopes

Product no.: AS001

From £2,333.33 *
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