MZS Premium LWD Zoom Range

MZS Premium Ultra LWD Zoom Microscope Range Expandable to 3.5X-420X (depending on model) Long reach and bench stands available

MZS Premium Ultra LWD Zoom Microscope Range Expandable to 3.5X-420X (depending on model) Long reach and bench stands available
MZS Series, Professional, Ultra-Long Working Distance Stereo Zoom Microscopes

The MZS series of ultra-long working distance (of 118mm up to 195mm) professional stereo microscopes are GX Microscopes’ most popular zoom microscopes for applications where work needs to be undertaken on the subject under observation.  This includes the electronics industry, jewellery manufacture, engraving, component assembly work, soldering, dissections and live sample work.  

These microscopes also produce an unusually high quality image to the camera and they are often the microscope of choice among customers requiring really good photographic  images of their specimens.  With over 1000 installations in the UK alone, they provide the highest quality images, have a remarkably long working distance, provide a wide field of view, have a wide zoom range and are highly robust and extremely well built - suitable for the most demanding uses.  Each microscope in the range is equipped with a pair of zoom objectives controlled by a zoom knob and, as standard, a pair of 10X extra wide-field eyepieces.  Each eyepiece links directly to one of the angled zoom objectives, this gives a stunning 3 dimensional image of your specimen. The optical quality is exceptionally good giving a bright, crisp 3D image of the specimen.  All of the MZS microscopes listed below are supplied with trinocular heads.  In this range there is a choice of zoom magnification ranges with the 10X eyepieces, this magnification range can be extended 3.5X - 420X with the optional objectives and eyepieces shown in the table in the datasheet.

The binocular eyepiece tubes are inclined at a comfortable 45º.  The entire head can be easily rotated through 360º, it has interpupillary distance adjustment and both eyepiece tubes have diopter adjustment.  This makes these microscopes suitable for ergonomic use by the greatest number of people and assists in achieving parfocality when cameras are attached.  The head of the microscope sits in a 76mm focussing ring, this ring can be mounted on a very wide variety of stands including pillar stands (eg 0745, 103B & 103C) and long reach boom arm & articulated arm stands (eg V1, V6 & V7).

Illumination is built-in with many stands providing both incident and transmitted light. Additionally some models have coaxial LED built-in illumination. Alternatively, with all other stands, illumination can be provided separately using LED ringlights or LED & halogen spot or fibre optic illuminators.  Each microscope is supplied with a pair of rubber eyeguards, manual & a dust cover.   The stands have a well painted base with steel poles. There is a precision, smooth focus system using a rack & pinion mechanism.  The MZS Microscope range is a highly versatile stereo zoom microscope and is an excellent, professional grade instrument for industry, hobbyists, researchers and educational establishments.

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