ST50 Long Reach, LWD, Single Mag Stereo Microscope Range, top light, 10X Expandable to 5X-20X

ST50 Long Reach, LWD, Single Mag Stereo Microscope Range, top light, 10X Expandable to 5X-20X
ST50 Series Long Working Distance, Long Reach, Single Magnification Stereo Microscopes
The ST50 series of single magnification stereo microscopes are designed for those inspection and assembly/soldering tasks requiring plenty of distance between the microscope and the object under observation.  
The fully coated, excellent optics give an upright, non-inverted  image over a wide field of view which is sharp and clear.  These optics also reflect accurately the original true colour of the view object.   Accurate alignment of the optics ensures the observer can enjoy a fatigue-free viewing experience over a long period of time.
The ST-50A model has an upright (straight-through) binocular head with locked-in eyepieces. 
The ST-50B model has a 45º inclined binocular head with locked-in eyepieces.
Both heads can be freely angled as required. The left eyepiece-tube has a diopter adjustment range of ± 5mm.  The interpupillary distance adjustment between the eyepieces is 55-75mm.  As standard a slide-in 2X objective with a working distance of 119mm is supplied along with a pair of 10X Widefield eyepieces which combine to give a total magnification of 20X.  This magnification range can be expanded to 5X to 70X using the range of optional  objectives and eyepieces shown in the table.  Objectives are easy to change using a dovetail slide-in mechanism Each stereo is supplied with a pair of rubber eyeguards & a dust cover.  
The stand has a well painted metal base with steel vertical and horizontal arms There is a precision, smooth focus system using a rack & pinion mechanism.  The incident light is mounted on a ball-joint and provides adjustable illumination. 
The electrics are GS and CE approved.  
This microscope is compatible with GX Microscopes’ illumination systems for those requiring the greatest flexibility in microscope positioning and object illumination. To record or display an image from this microscope GX Microscopes’ digital eyepiece cameras can be easily attached.
Total magnification: 20X - expandable from 5X to 70x with optional accessories
Eyepieces: Pair 10X Widefield
Objectives: 2X (119mm working distance)
Illumination: Top spot lamp

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