Fibre Optic Lamphouse 150W with 1 Metre Flexible Fibre Optic Ring Light with 50mm ID

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Modern Fibre Optic Lamphouse 150W with Flexible Fibre Optic Ring Light ID50mm on a 1000mm Flexible Guide
L12 Lamphouse (2341) A highly popular, high quality, 150W 21V, fan cooled, high intensity lamphouse  auto-cut-off when lid is opened, with intensity control and easy lamp access for changing. This Lamphouse provides a bright, adjustable intensity light which can then be fed through light guides of your choice to illuminate specimens. Includes Filter holder and neutral density filter supplied. Filter set (R,G,B) code 2358 is available as an accessory.
Flexible Ring Light Guide (ID0196) 
Length of flexible light guide: 1000mm Inner Diameter (max) of ring: 50mm. This ringlight is designed to attach to the ‘nose’ of a stereo zoom microscope and provide bright, even illumination to subjects that are between 30mm and 150mm from the ringlight. 


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