GXM Microscope Camera Adapter Kit - T-Mount

GXM Microscope Camera Adapter Kit - T-Mount

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GXM Microscope Camera Adapter - T-Mount.  Suitable for use with all trinocular headed GXM L series mcroscopes and any digital camera (eg SLR) that is fitted with a T-Mount. REQUIRES  1X C-mount adapter. This adapter comes in three parts, the 1X C-mount adapter (purchased separately) screws into the bottom of the Main Adapter Tube and a T-mount ring screws on the top of the Main Adapter Tube.  

To connect this to your camera you will need an additional T-mount adapter which converts the bayonet mount on your camera to a T-mount, these are specific to each type and model of camera.  We can supply these for most types of cameras.  Then the T-mount of the Microscope Adapter assembly will attach to the T-Mount Camera Adapter.  This adapter includes a 5X relay lens that fits into the main tube.  It also includes a removable horizontal bar which can be used to attach an optional vertical stabilisation bar which has a tripod mount on it which attaches to the camera for extra stability if needed.  This is shown in one of the pictures.

The image may experience vignetting requiring subsequent cropping depending on the camera version and sensor size .

We can supply 0.5X C-mount adapters which may provide a better matched field of view going to the camera compared with the field of view seen through the eyepieces on some cameras, if the image produced by the camera is found to be of too high a magnification.

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