Olympus CX23 40X-1000X An Exceptional Teaching, Biological, Binocular Microscope

Olympus CX23 40X-1000X An Exceptional Teaching, Biological, Binocular Microscope

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One of the best teaching microscopes ever made.  Designed for operational ease, the CX23 microscope’s unique features accommodates the student and every requirement in the educational setting. This cost-effective system provides easy and safe operation throughout the workflow and ensures outstanding optical performance with large field number (FN) 20. Also, the built-in LED light source provides uniform and stable illumination for long term with low power consumption, and its reduced blue color preserves vivid colors of the sample.

Includes 4X, 10X, 40X and 100X oil immersion Objectives and power cord.

Optional immersional oil, wooden storage case and eyepiece cameras.

Ergonomic Grips

Ergonomically designed, the CX23’s molded grips add comfort and safety when retrieving the microscope from high places, such as shelves. Additionally, their blue color clearly indicates where to hold the microscope.

The Lightest Microscope in its Class
The CX23 is one of the lightest weight microscope in its class, with a total weight of approx. 5.9 kg(13.01 lbs).
Scribed Binocular Tube
Squired Binocular Tube
Squired Binocular Tube
The CX23 features a carrying arm angled to keep the wrists in a comfortable, neutral position.
Fixed Eyepieces Prevent Damage or Loss
Fixed Eyepieces Prevent Damage or Loss
The eyepieces can be fixed in place to help prevent damage or loss during transportation.
Locking Pin for Secure Binocular Positioning
Locking Pin for Secure Binocular Positioning
A rotational binocular tube can be locked for secure positioning.
Interpupilary and Eyepoint Adjustments
Interpupilary and Eyepoint Adjustments Interpupilary and Eyepoint Adjustments
Interpupillary adjustments, ranging from 48 to 75 mm, allowsindividual users to set to their needs. Likewise, eyepoint adjustments accommodate the user’s height and provides greater comfort.
Rackless Stage for Safety and Durability
Rackless Stage for Safety and Durability
A rackless stage and stage cover give safety and stable longtime operation.
Safety and Smoother Focusing
Safety and Smoother Focusing
The focus lock prevents objectives and specimen from any damage.
Coarse and Fine Focus Control
Coarse and Fine Focus Control
Bring specimens quickly into focus by using the coaxial knobs for fine or coarse adjustment. Durably built for movement and precise control, whether accessed from the left or right side.
Left and Right Diopter Adjustment
Left and right diopter adjustment enable optimal focus for each eye.
Inward-facing Revolving Nosepiece Allows for More Space
Inward-facing Revolving Nosepiece Allows for More Space
Easily set and exchange specimens or add oil for the immersion objective with the CX23's inward-facing revolving nosepiece design. Allowing for more space above the stage, this design also protects specimens from objectives with a long working distance.
Cable Storage Compartment
Cable Storage Compartment
A storage compartment at the back of the CX23 makes it easy to stow the power cable after use.
Optional Dedicated Wooden Case

Protect your investment further with an optional custom designed wooden case

Kensington Lock

Kensington Lock

For added reassurance in situations when the CX23 needs to be left unattended, a built-in security slot allows attachment of an antitheft cable.


Outstanding Optical Performance

Field Number (FN) of 20

The CX23 allows users to see more with a greater field number than standard microscopes in this class.

Outstanding Image Flatness Plan Achromat Objectives

The CX23 features plan achromat objectives that preserve outstanding image flatness throughout the field of view.

Uniform LED Illumination with Reduced Blue Color






The LED light source provides long life time of 20,000 hours, and offers low power consumption. Also, its reduced blue color preserves vivid colors on HE staining.

A Torque Release Function Prevents Damage

Damage when excessive force is applied to the coarse focus or stage knob is prevented with a built-in torque release function.

Anti-fungal Treatment






Many microscopes are vulnerable to mold and other fungi when used in hot, humid environments. The objectives, eyepieces, and observation tube of the CX23 have all undergone anti-fungus treatment, enabling optimal viewing and greater durability.

Observation Method Brightfield    
Illuminator Transmitted Koehler Illuminator LED Lamp  
  • Non Koehler
Focus Focusing Mechanism Stage Focus  
  Coarse Handle Stroke    
  • 15 mm

Coarse adjustment limit stopper 
Torque adjustment for coarse adjustment knob

Revolving Nosepiece Manual Standard Type   Built-in 4 position
Stage Mechanical Mechanical Stages with Right(Left)-Hand Control  
  • Built-in
  • X: 76 mm, Y: 30 mm
Condenser Manual Abbe Conenser   NA1.25/ W.D.- (4 X - 100 X) (Built-in)
Observation Tubes Standard (FN20) Binocular  
  Tube Inclination Angle    
  • 30°
  Interpupillary Distance Adjustment    
  • 48 - 75 mm
Dimensions       198 (W) x 258 (D) x 384 (H) mm
Weight       Approx. 5.9 kg


Additional product information

Brand and ID Number Olympus Brand from GT Vision Ltd trained authorised reseller and service centre
Eyepieces and Objectives Pair of 10X Widefield FN22 Eyepieces Four Infinity Corrected 4X, 10X, , 40X, 100X Oil, Objectives
Head Binocular observation tube: Field number 20, Tube tilting angle 30°, Interpupillary distance adjustment range 48 to 75 mm, Eyepoint adjustment 378 - 428 mm
Stand & Focus Mechanism Focusing mechanism: Stage height adjustment mechanism, Fine adjustment scale
Stage and Condenser Mechanical Rackless design X: 76 mm, Y: 30 mm
Illumination Built-in LED illumination
Camera Optional

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