GXM-XJL17POLBDIG, 100X - 1000X, Inverted Metallurgical Microscope & 1080p Screen

GXM-XJL17POLBDIG, 100X - 1000X, Inverted Metallurgical Microscope & 1080p Screen

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One of GX Microscopes most popular metallurgical microscopes the GXMXJL17AT is simple to use, especially where you need to examine many specimens with frequent changes of polished ‘micros’. The inverted microscope means that each successive specimen is immediately in focus and it is also very useful for large specimens that cannot fit under an upright microscope model. The microscope is equipped with a trinocular head ready for the attachment of a digital camera. 
This microscope includes a full set of high quality plan achromatic metallurgical objectives mounted under the stage. The focussing tension can be adjusted and a focus lock protects the objectives from damage. Illumination is provided from a 20W halogen lamphouse with adjustable intensity, field and aperture diaphragms and set of Y, G, B and diffusion filters. This microscope is built on GX Microscopes’ highly robust XJL inverted series microscope frame which provides a stable and durable platform suitable for the most demanding of applications. 
Includes the GXCAM-HICHROMESII HDMI High Resolution 1080P Live Camera Direct with Display also USB With SD Storage - C-Mount - No Computer Needed but it does also include a USB link to PC and the superb GXCapture software suite.  This stunning camera has a unique internal dual processor design producing fantastic colour images with no flicker.  It connects direct to any HDMI display displaying 2.0MP (1920x1080) resolution images live at an amazing 60 frames per second.  Superb performance in fluorescence.  Simply the very best, truest colour, sharp, live image you can get for microscopy.  To capture a 6MP image simply press the button to store onto a removable SD card.  Perfect for industry, teaching, displays, demonstrations and collaborative work. 
Options include a range of camera adapters, digital cameras, image analysis software, additional objectives and eyepieces.
Camera Specifications

1080P 2.0MP (1920x1080) resolution images live at an 60 frames per second

3246X1836 still resolution 6MP

Records 720P resolution video sequences at 12.5FPS

Exceptionally good at low light imaging, especially fluorescence.

Storage to removable SD card

USB Connection to PC with full functionality via the GXCapture software suite

Requires widescreen monitor 16:9 aspect ratio with HDMI input and HDMI cable

Over 200 functions with GXCapture including flat field live correction, extended focus,image stitching, annotations with calibrated scalebars and image analysis.

On screen menus for setting gain, white balance, colour, format and all other controls


Additional product information

Brand and ID Number GX Microscopes Brand by GT Vision LTD Product ID0524
Eyepieces and Objectives 10X Widefield Eyepieces, with 4 Long Working Distance Plan Achromatic Objectives, 10X, 20X, 40X and 100X
Head Trinocular Head with interpupillary distance adjustment
Stand & Focus Mechanism Substantial Stand with Coarse/Fine Focus, Adjustable Tension and Limit Stopper
Stage and Condenser Double Layer Mechanical Stage, 180mmx150mm (movement range 15mm x 15mm)
Illumination Reflected Illumination, 20W 6V halogen lamp. Also included are; Field and apreture diaphragms, Y, G, B Frosted Filters
Camera 1080p HDMI/USB Camera with HD 11" Screen
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GX Capture pro, Advanced Microscopy Imaging Software includes 'Image Extension Module' GX Capture pro, Advanced Microscopy Imaging Software includes 'Image Extension Module'
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