GXM-XPL1500DIG, Trinocular, Routine, Polarising Upright Microscope, 5MP ScopePad

GXM-XPL1500DIG, Trinocular, Routine, Polarising Upright Microscope, 5MP ScopePad

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The XPL1500 series of polarising microscopes are specifically designed for use in routine and university level teaching laboratories. The range includes 
standard transmitted light models and extends to include an excellent dual illumination model (XPL1530) which has both incident and transmitted illumination. 
The XPL1500 series are based on one of GX Microscopes’ most popular microscope ranges and feature a highly robust construction and first class optics designed to provide a long life and excellent quality images. This is backed by a 3 year warranty as standard on all models.  Designed with students in mind the 
number of removable components is minimised and the operation made as simple as possible.
As standard a set of four, very high quality, strain-free, plan achromatic objectives form the heart of the instrument. A set of inserts allow viewing of all standard mineral types.


Additional product information

Brand and ID Number GX Microscopes by GT Vision Ltd Product ID0527
Eyepieces and Objectives 10X Widefield Eyepieces, 4 Plan Achromatic, POL Objectives, 4X, 10X, 40X, 60X
Head Trinocular head with interpupillary distance adjustment. 5MP ScopePad attaches via C-mount adapter to the trinocular photoport
Stand & Focus Mechanism Coaxial Coarse/Fine Focus Mechanism, Tension Adjustable, Limit Stopper
Stage and Condenser Abbe Condenser on Rack and Pinion NA1.30
Illumination Transmitted polarised light provided by a 6V 20W halogen lamp with adjustable intensity
Camera 5MP ScopePad, Colour CMOS Sensor
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