UltraBio-8 Biological Upright Research Microscope, Trinocular, SPlan APO, Sextuple Turret

Product no.: 0648-UB8

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After years of research and development, the ultraBio-8 biological microscope is designed to allow users to enjoy safe, comfortable and superb quality observations of their specimens. This microscope has a well-designed stand, high-definition optics and is simple to operate making it suitable for all levels of research and routine use in laboratories.

The ultraBIO-8 is supplied with high specification apochromatic objectives for superb optical performance. As the microscope has a sextuple nosepiece, up to 6 objecitves can be accommodated. The microscope has a large and stable research level stand, which makes it comforable for prolonged use.

The ultraBio-8 has super widefield 25mm width eyepieces for a large field of view. As expected with a microscope of this specification, it has infinity optics and Köhler illumination.

It can be supplied with a large range of options including phase contrast, darkfield, DIC, polarising and fluorescence.


Brand and ID Number GX Microscopes Brand by GT Vision Ltd Product ID0648
Head Trinocular Head with interpupiliary adjustment and diopter adjustment for the eyepiece tubes. The camera port accepts c-mount adapter. There is a photo/eyepiece lever.
Eyepieces Pair of 10X Widefield FN25 Eyepieces
Objectives Infinity Corrected Optics - 4X, 10X, 20X, 40X, 100X Oil, SPlan APO Objectives with DIC slot Optional 2X and 60X
Stage Large, smooth, mechanical stage: Size 187mm x 168mm, travel 80mm x 50mm with coaxial drop-side controls on either side, double layer with spring loaded slide holder
Focus Mechanism Coaxial coarse and fine focus mechanism with sample protection lock
Condenser Abbe condenser on rack & pinion NA 0.9 with iris diaphragm
Illumination LED
Options Phase contrast, polarising, fluorescence, DIC and darkfield

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