UltraBIO-3 40X-1000X Routine Grade, Upright Microscope - GX VALUE RANGE

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The ultraBIO-3 is designed for users who want a good quality and good value microscope. It is especially suitable for educational and diagnotic use, and for hobbyists. The microscope offers very good image quality with a robust all metal body and quality glass optics.

The GX Microscopes ultraBIO-3 series are GX Microscopes’ best value for money biological microscopes and part of our ‘GX Value Range’.  They are enormously popular in education, medicine and among hobbyists giving outstanding image quality. The microscope is easy to set up and use, and has LED illumination which offers a long life time and low running costs.

The ultraBIO-3 is supplied with four, good quality, achromatic glass objectives in RMS threaded steel barrels giving a maximum magnification of 1000x and a magnification range of 40x-1000x.  A rechargeable battery version for ultimate portability is also available.

For users who want to take images of their samples, an ultraBIO-3 with a trinocular head is available. This makes it quick and easy to attach a microscope camera.

Also available are a range of accessories including eyepiece camera adapters, cameras & storage cases

This amazing value for money microscope is part of the GX Value Range.

Brand and ID Number GX Microscopes Brand by GT Vision Ltd. Product ID0710 with portable option
Head Binocular head with interpupiliary adjustment and diopter adjustment
Eyepieces Pair 10x WF eyepieces
Objectives 4x, 10x, 40x and 100x oil achromat objectives
Stage Mechanical stage: Size 125 x 125mm, movement range 35 x 75mm with coaxial drop-side controls, double layer with spring loaded slide holder.
Focus Mechanism Coaxial coarse and fine focus knobs
Condenser Condenser on rack & pinion with iris diaphragm
Illumination LED



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16X Eyepiece FN18mm Fits 23.2mm Diam. Tube 16X Eyepiece FN18mm Fits 23.2mm Diam. Tube
£30.59 *
Microscope Carry Case for UltraBIO-3 Microscope Carry Case for UltraBIO-3
£47.69 *
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