GXCAM-Eye-5 - USB, Digital Eyepiece Camera 5MP, For Eyepiece Tubes + GXCapture-T Software

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GXCAM-Eye-5 - USB, Digital Eyepiece Camera 5MP, to fit 23.2mm Eyepiece Tubes + GXCapture-T PC Software

Exceptional value for money.


  • Digital imaging module: Wide dynamic range 5MP camera sensor
  • Imaging software: GXCapture-T comprehensive software- only for PC. Not Mac compatible
  • Optical matching: Built-in relay lens and field lenses
  • Adapter barrel: Fits eyepiece tubes with thia inner diameter: 23.2mm with inexpensive optional adapters available for 30.0mm and 30.5mm tube diameters
  • Camera house: compact and light-weight round-shaped, modern housing


Converts your optical microscope into a digital microscope.  See your specimens live on your computer and then capture stills and videos with the software.


Calibration slide and adapters to fit 30 and 30.5mm tubes are optional and are not included in the standard kit

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