GXCAM-U3PRO USB-3, 6.3MP-20MP, Advanced Sensor C-Mount Camera Series + GXCaptureT Software

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The GXCAM-U3PRO series is our latest range of very high performance, superb quality, USB-3 microscopy cameras featuring superfast refresh rates, amazing image quality, low noise, high sensitivity and excellent colour reproduction.  There are  6.3MP, 12MP & 20MP versions.  Each camera incorprates the very latest camera sensor technology which delivers the very high quality images displayed using the free powerful GXCapture-T Software.  These cameras attach to any c-mount camera adapter including eyepiece tube adapters.

About C-mount camera adapters: These are standard microscope accessories available to fit onto photoport of trinocular headed microscopes, c-mounts can also be found on monozoom microscopes.  It is a specific length tube with a 1inch threaded hole at the camera end, many have lenses within them.  (microscope shown in pictures is not included and the style and colour of the camera case is constantly being updated and therefore changes)

The sofware is quick and easy to install and can be freely downloaded from our website.
Digital Camera Specifications

GXCAM-U3PRO-6.3   6.3MP resolution camera, 1/1.8" Advanced CMOS sensor 
GXCAM-U3PRO-12 12MP resolution camera, 1/1.7" Advanced CMOS sensor 
GXCAM-U3PRO-20 20MP resolution camera, 1" Advanced CMOS sensor High Speed Version

Image previewing rate: dependent on resolution selected - see below

Selectable resolution (typical frames per second@resolution in pixels): 
GXCAM-U3PRO-6.3   6.3MP



Video format: 15-30 FPS for recording of video sequences

White balance setting options: Manual / Automatic / Preset 

Programmable controls: Gain, Frame Rate, Exposure

G Sensitivity and Dark Signal: 
GXCAM-U3PRO-6.3   6.3MP        425mv with 1/30s and 0.15mv with 1/30s
GXCAM-U3PRO-12 12MP           280mv with 1/30s and 0.1mv with 1/30s
GXCAM-U3PRO-20 20MP           

GXCAM-U3PRO-6.3   6.3MP     0.244ms~2000ms
GXCAM-U3PRO-12 12MP        0.1ms~2000ms
GXCAM-U3PRO-20 20MP      

Colour filter array: RGB Bayer pattern 

Connection Physical : C-Mount interface 

Connection Digital:  USB 3.0 Power Supplied via USB also

GX Capture Software Specifications (Over 200 functions in a modern interface)

Camera Control: Colour Balance, Resolution, Exposure incl .Auto Exposure, Gain 

File Formats: 10 file formats including JPG with user definable compression plus several video formats

Image Processing:  LIVE Flat Field Correction, Extended Focus, Image Tiling, Reduce/ Increase bits/pixel, Resize, Mirror/Rotate/Flip, Transparency, Greyscale, Histogram display, Histogram equalisation and stretching, Image sharpening and smoothing filters, FFTs, Image colour component splitting, Image merging for multiprobe fluorescence

Measurements: Line, Point Count, Area (square, circle, polygon), Calibration, Exportable results table 

Other Specifications

Weight: 250gms          USB Cable: Included 1.5m           Manual: Download


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