Basler ACE Series - Advanced USB-3 C-Mount Microscopy Camera Series + PGI IProcessor + Software

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Basler ACE Series - Advanced USB-3 C-Mount  Microscopy Camera Series + PGI IProcessor + Software

Precise, reliable, highest performance and value for money!
Basler Microscopy Cameras
Basler’s digital microscope cameras provide top image quality in real-time, outstanding color reproduction and fidelity, and a high dynamic range. These are prerequisites essential for reproducible, detailed observation, differentiation and analysis of the most delicate structures in materials or biological samples.
The Basler Microscopy Cameras are the centerpiece of Basler’s PowerPack for Microscopy which delivers all the necessary components for a straightforward setup and easy installation, including the Basler Microscopy Software for camera control, image acquisition, processing, analysis and documentation.
Basler Microscopy ace – Exceptional performance of Sony PREGIUS sensors
The Basler Microscopy ace cameras feature Sony's latest-generation IMX CMOS sensors. The Basler Microscopy ace models, with resolutions up to 2.3 MP (and 5 MP soon to come), achieve a new level of image quality, thus being the ideal choice for moderate to challenging microscopy applications in life sciences, diagnostics, materials science and engineering technology, forensics and many others. Your benefits include:
  • Exceptional price/performance ratio
  • Outstanding image quality with excellent light sensitivity and very high dynamic range
  • Ultra-high frame rates of up to 82 fps for smooth live video preview, fast focusing and sample screening even at full resolution
  • Newly implemented image enhancement and color adjustment algorithms for exceptional colour reproduction, as well as precise and reliable true-to-life results

This camera attaches to any c-mount camera adapter. 

About C-mount camera adapters: These are standard microscope accessories available to fit onto photoport of trinocular headed microscopes, c-mounts can also be found on monozoom microscopes.  It is a specific length tube with a 1inch threaded hole at the camera end, many have lenses within them.  (microscope shown in pictures is not included and the style and colour of the camera case is constantly being updated and therefore changes)

Included in your Basler PowerPack for Microscopy is the Basler Microscopy Software for camera control, image acquisition, processing and analysis. Camera and software are well-matched to ensure reliable performance. The easy installation as well as the intuitive user interface together with a comprehensive help tool for all features and functions makes your Basler PowerPack for Microscopy an ideal solution for monitoring, documentation and archiving in educational and routine research and industrial settings. Benefit from advanced professional software features, such as calibration, measurement, annotation and archiving. Hue, saturation, brightness, contrast, gamma and gain controls provide advanced image enhancement and color adjustment options, to achieve exceptional color reproduction. The software can be easily customized to best fit your workflow.

New Features in Basler Microscopy Software

  • Enhanced white balance as requested by customers
  • PGI Sharpening-Feature:

Patented in-camera sharpness-feature from PGI increases image quality at high magnifications:-



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