GXCAM HICHROME-LITE Multi-Output HDMI/USB/SD Routine Camera Series with Software

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GXCAM HICHROME-LITE series HDMI High Resolution 1080P Live Camera Direct with optional Display also USB With SD Storage - C-Mount - No Computer Needed but it does also include a USB link to PC and the superb GXCapture software suite.  This camera has a unique internal dual processor design producing good  colour images with no flicker.  It connects direct to any HDMI display displaying 2.0MP (1920x1080) resolution images live at an amazing 60 frames per second,  with the added bonus of live measurements.  To capture a 5MP image simply press the button to store onto a removable SD card.  Perfect for industry, teaching, displays, demonstrations and collaborative work.  The camera requires a c-mount adapter.

This camera is available with or without the screen.

About C-mount camera adapters: These are standard microscope accessories available to fit onto photoport of trinocular headed microscopes, c-mounts can also be found on monozoom microscopes.  It is a specific length tube with a 1inch threaded hole at the camera end, many have lenses within them.  (microscope shown in pictures is not included and the style and colour of the camera case is constantly being updated and therefore changes)

Camera Specifications

1080P 2.0MP (1920x1080) resolution images live at an 60 frames per second

2592×1944 image capture  resolution: 5MP

Records 720P resolution video sequences at 12.5FPS

Exceptionally good at low light imaging, especially fluorescence.

Storage to removable SD card

USB Connection to PC with full functionality via the GXCapture software suite

The version without a built-in screen will connect to a widescreen monitor with 16:9 aspect ratio using the HDMI input and HDMI cable. (the built-in screen version can also be connected to an external monitor)

Over 200 functions with GXCapture including flat field live correction, extended focus,image stitching, annotations with calibrated scalebars and image analysis.

On screen menus for setting gain, white balance, colour, format and all other controls.


BodyColour: grey or white 







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SD Card for Image/Video Storage 64Gb, Class 10 SD Card for Image/Video Storage 64Gb, Class 10
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Olympus CX43 40X-1000X Routine, Biological, Trinocular Microscope Olympus CX43 40X-1000X Routine, Biological, Trinocular Microscope
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