5G Interactive Microscopy Wireless WiFi Digital Classroom

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5G Interactive Microscopy Wireless WiFi Digital Classroom - works with existing and new microscopes

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5G Interactive WiFi Teaching System by GT Vision

Significantly lower in price than any other integrated system and easier to install, easier to use, higher resolution and it uses the latest WiFi technology.

GT Vision's unique 5G Interactive Microscopy Digital Classroom allows up to 50 (soon 150) classroom microscopes to be digitally linked so that students and lecturers can instantly see a live view of their specimens and the lecturer can see one or several student microscope live images and interact with them. 
The system uses new 5G wireless cameras requiring no cabling or complex infrastructure.
This allows the system to be installed and fitted onto the microscopes in minutes.
The heart of the system is a unique ViMatrix VM3500 unit which is a powerful Wi-Fi, networking amplifying and repeater station which provides a guaranteed smooth, uninterrupted flow of a large number of live images and interactive tools.
The ViMatrix plugs into a computer and the software then displays the signals under the total control of the lecturer who can choose how many images to display, bring individual images to full screen for discussion, save, annotate and measure the images.
Then there is a free APP which the students can download and at the same time as the classroom display they can see and capture the images on their own devices (phone/tablets, Android or MAC)).
The system can be instantly installed into any classroom requiring no cabling or expensive infrastructure.
 It is easily scalable, modern and packed with unique and powerful features.  
You can literally purchase one camera to start and included with the cost is the ViMatrix network box and the camera along with the software
After this you can add more cameras up to a current limit of 50 (150 camera system is being developed over the next 6 months).
There are a range of cameras available differing in their resolutions:
2.0 Megapixel
5.0 Megapixel
8.0 Megapixel
12.0 Megapixel
The cameras are standard C mount so can be fitted to a trinocular port or down an eyepiece with an eyepiece adaptor.
All of the cameras use advanced Sony camera sensors for:
1. Perfect colour reproduction
2. Fast frame rates for easy focussing and display
3. High-sensitivity for routine fluorescence applications

This unique system is an economic, yet more powerful and interactive, modern alternative to other systems costing 10X more.

STEP 1 Choose Your WiFi Cameras:

5G Interactive WiFi Teaching System by GT Vision

You have a choice of 4 models of WiFi Camera of different resolutions:

5MP or 12MP

Each camera gives a fantastic full HD resolution image live via WiFi to a mobile device running the 5G APP.  See below for full specifications of each camera

STEP 2 Mount the Cameras onto the Microscopes:


Each camera can be mounted either onto a phototube of a trinocular head of any microscope, or is can be fitted to a eyepiece tube, it takes less than 10 seconds to attach/detach.

STEP 3 Set Up the ViMatrix WiFi Controller:

5G Interactive WiFi Teaching System by GT Vision

This device communicates with all the camputers and cameras ensuring that the WiFi signal is absolutely stable for all stations.  It takes just a few minutes to install.

STEP 4 Install the APPs for the students and lecturer and set up the lecturer's large display:

Each APP is downloaded and automatically installs.

Now all students and the lecturer are ready to go.  Please see the datasheet for full details.

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