EAGLE-M-HD Inspection Microscope - Stand with Display, HD Resolution, HDMI, Unique Illumination

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EAGLE-M-HD Inspection Microscope -  Stand with Display, HD Resolution, HDMI, Unique Illumination

A Digital Microscope with 12.5″ HD LCD - Stunning Image Quality

  • Now here is something different!  This microscope is absolutely packed with unique features.
  • To use it you just plug the camera into any HDMI display at 1080P resolution and power it from any USB port or a mains USB plug (supplied). 
  • Everything is plug and play giving you instant superfast 60 frames per second refesh rate HD images of your subjects. 
  • To focus simply turn the unique Back Focus Knob on the top of the camera, which is easier and quicker than any microscope focus.
  • Adjust the lighting with the unique Dual Mode ring light.
  • Adjust the magnification by loosening the Stand Locking Knob which unique to microscopy and set it to any height or angle and simply turn the locking knob to lock into position - it is so simple!
  • Press a button on the camera to instantly store an image onto the TF Card
  • Or you can store a full frame Live Video at 30 frames persecond at HD resolution!
  • Use the buttons on the camera to control on screen menus to adjust the image quality and other settings.
  • Compact and extremely Lightweight
  • Easy to move around and compatible with any battery powered HDMI display to make a fully Portable Microscope powered by a Laptop or other USB battery source.
  • The magnification is dependent on your display size, so it is more meaningful and sensible to express the magnification in terms of the dimensions of the feld of view being magnified which is from 5mm to 26mm across dependant on the height of the stand, it will see much larger subjects if turned to the side.
  • This microscope is perfect for numerous industrial inspection tasks, entomology, mycology, veterinary inspections, skin care, archaeology & teaching.

This compact, all-in-one design  model is the latest HD USB Microscope with a superb quality  3.5 MegaPixel CMOS sensor with HDMI output for direct viewing on LCD with onscreen controls and scale overlays for stand-alone use and USB connection to computer with truly comprehensive software including a major measurement suite. Featuring a 12.5″ HD LCD with 1920x1080p full HD resolution at 60 frames per second is included for direct line of sight viewing. Zoom magnification from 5x to 55x range is achieved by the working distance between the scope and the target. Highly Unique two independent ring and near-coaxial LEDs offer unparalleled control for optimal lighting for any sample, either bright field or dark field. The ingenious top focus knob on the camera allows sharp focus image for inspection and capturing photo and video to micro SD card. Free moving “MAGIC” arms with flexible joints provides all possible positions and 360° viewing angle for rework and inspection of PCB, medical devices, research, hobby, and general QC. Best of all, this HDMI and  USB Microscope incorporating latest 3.5 MegaPixel camera sensor is user friendly and affordable.

Additional product information

Brand and ID Number GX Microscopes 1028M
Illumination Unique DUAL Layer LED Ring Lights Diffused LED Ring Light to reduce glare Near-Coaxial LED Ring Light for polished surface and hard-to-reach area Both Independently Controlled
Camera 3.5 MegaPixel digital HD & USB microscope Capture Images and Record Video to TF Card HDMI direct output to LCD USB output to Computer

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